About Cali Banks

Cali Banks explores the complexities of the human body and experience through photography, videography, and new media. Working within the realm of public versus private narratives, these ideas stem into personal narratives related to identity and discourses on femininity, which can then be adapted by a larger audience. Banks also disrupts, distresses, or alters the processes she is using. She does this manually in digital, as well as analog, processes throughout the progress of her works. Being interested in creating intimate experiences, Banks creates immersive multimedia installations, as well as large and small-scale photographic prints.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Banks is an interdisciplinary artist who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Technology and Global Health Studies from Allegheny College. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Media Arts Practices, specializing in Photography, at the University of Colorado Boulder.